"Organ swells interact with angular tones and propulsive pulses throughout, as the duo cast intricate, vocal-led narratives that develop into a unique form of unearthly baroque-pop experimentalism. `Passiflore' reflects two artists engaged in a dynamic synergy with a singular vision and a deep understanding of their craft. Originally released in 2013 on cassette via Montreal based label Los Discos Enfantasme. `Passiflore' raised intrigue as an album steeped in sedate vocals, layered electronics and field recordings. Portrayed as the "priestesses of melancholy" Andrea-Jane Cornell and Marie-Douce St-Jacques have since released their follow up record `Paon Perdu' through three:four records . `Passiflore' was recorded at home in Montreal, Canada between January and May 2013. The new edition has been remastered for vinyl at Grey Market Mastering by Harris Newman." (label info) Edition of 250 printed on reverse board sleeve
in stock | CH| 2018| THEM THERE RECORDS | 26.90

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