"Le Revelateur - multimedia duo of visual artist Sabrina Ratte and composer Roger Tellier-Craig - return with Hyper, a bold stylistic leap that represents their most experimental and conceptually rich work to date. Having already begun to move away from their trademark analog synth panoramas, Hyper goes even further in expanding the digital abstractions that first bubbled to the surface on 2014's Extreme Events. Gone are the hypnotic arabesques and Berlin School melodicism that characterized Tellier-Craig's earlier efforts; in their stead, he offers two deeply engrossing examples of cutting edge electronic music that eschew nostalgia and pastiche. What results is not so much a departure - those familiar with Le Revelateur will still recognize Tellier-Craig's deft hand at work - as it is a logical, if no less radical, development of his aesthetic with staggering and deeply satisfying results." (label info) Volume 9 in Dekorder's series of limited Hybrid-Vinyl 12" releases, one time pressing of 300 copies
in stock | DE| 2016| DEKORDER | 16.90

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