Between 1995 - 96 the artist´s Thomas Liljenberg and Leif Elggren wrote over 200 letters to powerful and famous persons and institutions all over the world. Accusing the receivers for stealing ideas from the artist's unconscious dreamlife and at the same times call for economical compensation. Almost every letters ends with: "Send us money on Swedish postal number..." The whole correspondence is published as a book ("Experiment with Dreams", Firework Edition 1996). Illustration and a informative preface together with the letters makes the book a comprehensible but horrifying reflection of the social and economical state of the world today. Together with the book Experiment with Dreams there was a CD released called Zzz... ("As close as we can get to the dream."). This new CD, 9.11, is in many ways a development from the Zzz... and is closely related to the forthcoming book The Answers. (label info)
in stock | SE| 1999| FIREWORK EDITION | 6.90

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