"Leftandeddecision is nomore, but LHD is, and now comprises of Phil Blankenship and John Wiese collaborating to create some of the most viscious and satisfying noise out there today. This album is short, roughly 25 minutes, but in that time it takes you through a whirlwind of sounds, shifts and phases, never stopping, never staying too long at any particular sound or theme. The basic modes here are crunchy low end distortion, paired by midrange fuzz and tastefully added high end. Lots of panning and separation of the channels (ie different sounds in each channel) and a clarity of texture that's damned impressive. Despite being familiar with both artists I can only rarely pick out which parts were done by which artist, but it is evident that they complement each other beautifully. The cut-uppity style of Wiese adds a whole new dimension of dynamics to Blankenship's distorted rumblings. There are five, untitled, tracks, only one of them breaches the 6 minute barrier, which is good; I think a lot of noise tracks these days tend to be overly long when they needn't be (that's not to say long tracks have their place, because they do). My initial reaction to the shortness of the album was one of disappointment, but after listening to it, I think it was a very wise decision not to add any more material to it. Not because it isn't any good, it damn well is, but because an entire 70 minutes of similar material would have lessened the effect of the album. Why overstate things when it can be done with more modest means? One of my first impressions of the album remains; Curtains is the noise equivalent of what Slayer's Reign In Blood album is to the thrash metal scene." (Jonas Lindberg)
in stock | US| 2004| PACREC | 4.78

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