"At long last, Die Schachtel relents and yields Lino Capra Vaccina's immense 'Antico Adagio' opus in two parts, available on LP and CD this week. Antico Adagio was originally intended to be a double album, but was eventually scaled back to a single disc, self-released by the author in 1978; and thanks to the breadth and scope of Die Schachtel's excavations, the second unreleased album from the 1978 session is now available, alongside a reissue of the Antico Adagio legendary album!" (label info) "There are records I have found in my life that I was almost wishing existed before hearing them. Recordings with new combinations of sound and atmosphere I knew could be wonderful to me if I ever discovered them, and then on discovery the sound was even better than I could have imagined. I felt this way when first hearing music by Alice Coltrane (Journey to Satchidananda) and Don Cherry (Organic Music Society) and I also felt it with Antico Adagio. The combinations of the rhythms and melodies resonate with me in a very clear way and I feel transported by this music every time I hear it... I first heard this record when it was posted on the Mutant Sounds blog a few years ago and am very happy to see it get another release. The music is timeless and brilliant and maybe there are other people out there wishing for a sound like this too who will now have chance to find it." (Kieran Hebden / Four Tet, from the liner notes) this LP is the reissue of the 1978 single LP. second edition
in stock | IT| 2014| DIE SCHACHTEL | 27.91

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