"Minute edits of offtime slamming grainsounds, feedback tips, guitar bursts and bass flange accelerations conspire with harmonic distortions, burbling forth melodic excentricities and sudden harmonic changes, occasionally introducing brass arrangements. Blast-punctured streams of organ chord changes spell out melodies, while sub style attacking bass concludes and infects the structure of the tracks. Drums are intercut to create shuddering explosions of precise deconstruction. Each piece has its own circuit board floorplan, allowing a high degree of listenability. Rippingly detailed and precise, often concisely and accurately cut, these dense anatomy lessons are an attack on compositional routines and stylistic stereotypes. Lithops' lowed down grind core improv derivatives spit out non linear rythms, immediately unravelling the predictability of the usual speed metal and free jazz excesses with which they might be compared." (label info) few copies back in stock - record is new, cover shows minor wear
in stock | DE| 2003| m/m-| SONIG | 13.90

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