"'Little Annie & The Legally Jammin' play a wild, hormone-saturated mixture of spoken song and sometimes harsh, but always swinging rhythms. 'No Wave' based on electronic beats recordings from the epicentres of pop music: New York, Mexico City and Düsseldorf. The very first weirdly choked echo gives you an idea of what kind of sound system The Legally Jammin' is, sometimes playing 'Disco Dub', sometimes 'No Wave Disco'. Little Annie adds her words to the beat, bass and fat soul-electric harmony of The Legally Jammin'. When her voice picks up on a melody and she begins to sing, she is closer to the lasciviousness of Grace Jones and the emotion of Marianne Faithful than the solitude of Wanda Robinson."
in stock | DE| 2003| ITALIC | 12.90

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