"In The Byre I hear how spaces and times leave their affects like so many traces. And how the present-time of the music is something like an interval. A present interval that is not the result or effect (or even function) of our shared hesitation, but is the very hesitation itself. How and what (or if) we were feeling or thinking at the time - this will never matter. Instead: This interval, that is going nowhere and going anywhere, seems like one of the richest figures by which to think beside this music. I hear this beside not as a reaction between the two of us, not as Nor (electric and acoustic guitar) and I (electric guitar) occupying an either side of the music, but as a kind of crack in the very relation between musicians and music so that not only does one not come before the other, but that each (Nor, me, The Byre) is so stuffed with the other that it's impossible to distinguish who's who or what's what... leading us, once again, to the interval. This interval (with all of its smears and gauzy knots) is a space where listening can happen, which now compels us to add another component to our duo - the listener. If this perverse mathematics, in which now four equals two, is not self-explanatory then that's ok too for we can always return to zero and listen again." (E.Chenaux)
in stock | CH| 2017| THREE:FOUR RECORDS | 16.90

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