when nikos veliotis (cello) forwarded the mail around the first looper scandinavian tour back in 2003 w/ ingar zach (percussion) & martin kuechen (sax) I was expecting them to sound more like a 'classic' free improv combo... however things worked completely different this time, ... this trio turned to a very minimal (& dense) drone like one and 'squarehorse' is the point where their sonic dialogues are crafted into soundscapes of sheer beauty where each of the trio adds his own colours (in a trully superb way!) in order to make a picturesque sonic canvas that will appeal to all the lovers of minimal improvised musics but also to all those who seek soundscapes in the vein of obscure dense musics projects as well, as is a record hard to be scored under any label...
in stock | SWE| 2004| ABSURD | 4.90

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