"Lord Tang follows on from his 2013 LP release, in this first of a series of 3 eps for Alarm. Already, we are in very different territory! The Lord has left behind much of the whimsy and surreal samples that embodied that first record. Instead, he digs into his collection of synths and outboard effects to come up with something more melodic and heavier on the dubs, yet still very much his own sound world. It floats along in a twilight haze, unmoored from nostalgia and reflecting the moonlight of a future time! As these EPs progress, we will be drifting further and further into the waiting arms of a smiling history not yet realized. Stay tuned!" (label info) mastered by Marcus Schmickler at Pietopraxis, comes in handstamped discosleeve, with silkscreened inlay. highly recommended
in stock | DE| 2014| ALARM | 3.90

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