"Following on from EP1, released in June 2014, Lord Tang digs further into his dub DNA and twists it into tunes that hunchback along with a subtly unhinged drawl. During the making of this EP, Dominic Cramp, the producer behind Lord Tang, revisited 'Titus Groan' the first book in the classic Gormenghast series by Mervyn Peake. The insular otherworldliness can be felt throughout the music and acknowledged in the titles, 'Flay's Gait' and 'The Breakfast'. Melodies break, beats don't resolve, elements lurch. Underneath is a stubborn anchor where Lord Tang reaches back to the dub form. With dub, it is the consistent bass line that glues all the pieces together and with Lord Tang, it might sometimes only be a carved space where the bass would be but the consistence holds. The sound though, is developing further away from a recognizable dub form. The principles remain the same. Like most of Cramp's work, Lord Tang eschews category and genre to explore a much more personalized experience. It is Cramp exploring every facet of his record collection and blending these influences to create a sound with melody. It also reflects the many years, playing, writing and recordings with Carla Bozoulich in Evangelista. A different outcome perhaps, but a learned approach of finding love and joy and pushing it out through uncompromising sound and exploration into the unknown. Genre can be as much a cage as it can be a platform, and here Tang rattles the bars and leaves a back door open to fly out and see the land beneath." (label info) second in a series of three EPs on ALARM. mastered by Marcus Schmickler at Pietopraxis, comes in handstamped discosleeve, with printed foil inlay. highly recommended
in stock | DE| 2014| ALARM | 3.90

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