"Lord Tang presents EP 3, the third and final EP of the trilogy he has put together for Alarm and Gigante Sound. A journey that began in 2014 is now at an end. In this selection, Dominic Cramp, Lord Tang's producer, extends the dubbed out sound he has been mining into a more minimal, focused sonic territory, all the while pushed through the blender of dirt and grit that has characterized the series. Beginning with the short introductory piece 'Eight Nine', Cramp continues the surrealist journey he began two years ago, Disembodied voices count the two numbers as a stripped down beat ticks along underneath an off-time analog sequence. During the making of the EP, Cramp gained access to an old 8 channel analog mixing board with a built-in reel-to-reel. Only half the channels worked and those that did each had their own character and failings! 'Moon Shoes' was mixed entirely on the board and shows its cracks on its sleeve. On other tracks such as, 'Light Beam Walker', the clavinet is run through repeated passes and then through a tape delay to give it a saturated sense of havoc. The surrealism of his previous records is pushed further into a traditional dub with 'The General' , a skanking organ affair over a walking bass that keeps turning back on itself." (label info) third in a series of three EPs on ALARM. mastered by Marcus Schmickler at Pietopraxis, comes in handstamped discosleeve, with printed foil inlay. also this one is highly recommended
in stock | DE| 2016| ALARM | 3.90

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