"Loren Chasse places his ear to the earth and becomes a microphone... Hands on stones, stones against stones, a cymbal, dust blown, a strum, earth sounding, earth turning, leaves, wind, tones, drones, moments fading in, fields fading out, something from another atmosphere, something as another music, not music of the spheres, but this sphere, a music of the earth rolling, like a cloud floats, like blades of grass walked upon, with gentle tones droning, the music of dirt, the music of dust, the moving back and forth in wind, tones ringing, and more tones ring, quietly, strings are plucked as though moved by wind, and then breeze, and pause, and begin again, in another place." (Steve Roden)
in stock | AUS| 2008| NATURESTRIP | 12.90

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