"180 gram vinyl special. This is the second of a selection of Loren Connors' typical and truly addictive guitar suites from the '90s to be reissued on vinyl. In 1994, after the Hell's Kitchen Park album and Mother & Son 7" EP had come out, a semi-sequel to the latter was released by Table of the Elements in the form of a 7" EP called The Five Points. The record told a short story of a New York City slum of that name, which counted the city's most mortalities in the year 1857, of which most were Irish children under six years of age. The EP featured one track that was given the ambiguous name "Moonyean." There was a movie from 1932 that was based on a theater play from 1919, in which the ghost of an Irish-American woman appeared in a garden. That ghost was Moonyean, and Loren named his next album after her. This suite of 13 individually untitled tracks was originally released on CD by Road Cone in 1994. For the re-release on 180 gram vinyl, the original artwork including Suzanne Langille's picture on the front cover has been upgraded, but the title is all that remains clear about the theme, still leaving its content up to one's imagination." (label info)
in stock | NL| 2011| ENABLING WORKS | 16.90

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