special price "Lotus Eaters is Stephen O¹Malley, James Plotkin & Aaron Turner. Previously issued on CD, Plotkin has remixed, remastered and rearranged Wurmwulv for this vinyl edition using alternate takes from the original recording sessions. The 2xLP also includes reworked material from Lotus Eaters¹ self-titled 7-inch released by Drone Records. 52¹29¹¹ on 3 sides of direct metal mastered 200g virgin vinyl, the 2xLP has a drawing by Turner etched on side D. Housed in a Stoughton tip-on gatefold jacket designed by O¹Malley, Wurmwulv features Stephen Kasner paintings printed on linen-textured woven paper, a spot varnished interior and flooded pockets. The Kasner paintings and Turner drawings included were created specifically for this vinyl edition of 1000. Reconfigured for vinyl, Wurmwulv is a solvent soaked carpet ride into loose soil. Worms writhe over cilia as moist roots lick and graze skin. The dampened howls of wolves reverberate through water freezing into creaking crystals. When oxygen levels reach a critical low, a cacophony of clanging metal provides an inhalation of humid air." (label info)
in stock | US| 2011| TAIGA | 19.90

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