"The band Lovver consists of a post-rock guitarist and an avantgarde sound-mangler & noise-maker. The EP "X" is the first collaboration between those two musicians. They didn ´t know each other before they improvised together to find a certain language. They sniff to find ways to communicate with each other; an attempt to try something new. It sparks. The two are related. Observers say they work like an old couple. One which does not talk that much. They are lovvers. Two people who could not be more, they understand each other. Both share a passion for the moment, they are amateurs in the most positive sense. They flow, they look at things from a different perspective. Calmness, care and attention were brought to the stage, when these both tracks were recorded live. Lovver later deconstructed the tracks in the studio and reassembled the best parts into these two beautiful works of ambient electronic music." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2015| KLANGGOLD | 6.90

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