"El Pabellon ('The Pavilion') is Fankbonner's first release under his own name. It's also the first document of his electroacoustic compositions for sampler and field recordings. The album was recorded over three months in a small room in the Washington Heights area of Manhattan. It is assembled entirely from the sounds filtering through the windows of the apartment: amplified room tone; tape hiss; and heavily treated samples of very small sounds arranged in spacious, richly layered sonic tableaux in which microtextures surface at the threshold of audibility. The eight pieces of El Pabellón represent a dialectical zooming-in and-out between the controlled sonic environment of the composer's workspace and the noise of the environment beyond its walls. Eschewing the documentary aspects of field recordings and sound-walks, the layers of ambient sound at the heart of El Pabellon enter into a dialogue with Fankbonner's more or less intentional music-making process, calling attention to the mediations between the composer, his sonic environment, and the barebones recording equipment at his disposal (four-track tape recorder, sampler, one microphone). The result is an intricate, varied, surprisingly lyrical collection of soundscapes that evoke both AMM and INA/GRM, Francisco Lopez and Ramon Sender." (label info)
in stock | US| 2006| m-/m-| AZUL DISCOGRAFICA | 6.00

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