"Cologne based Lu Katavist was expanding the borders of experimental drum 'n' bass in the nineties under the Elfish Echo moniker (Source Records, km20), but here he's focussing on improvised live-electronics. His new LP "retoxis" ranges from tonal drones to twitchy noise bursts, with sounds drifting between ethereal pads, piercing distortion, chirping delay and rumbling bass, but overall it makes for a calm, if not meditative listening experience with enough air to breathe. Strictly avoiding computers, post editing and overdubs, this hand played analog/digital electronic music strives for the magic of the moment." (label info) fine first released with modular synthesizer improvisations on this new label from Cologne.
in stock | DE| 2011| SMALLDEATH.ORG RECORDS | 14.90

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