"Ukrainian composer-pianist Lubomyr Melnyk composes piano pieces whose sound waves are in a constant state of flux and generate fascinating momentum. This language, which he calls "Continuous Music", is his own invention, combining and blending influences from American minimal music with late-romantic harmonies and melodies. On the 'Sony Classical' label, "ILLIRION" features five works that he has composed and recorded himself. They display the beauty, magic and complexity of "continuous music" in all its many facets. The works are between four and 16 minutes long, and the notes, sometimes played with uncanny velocity, blur to create an unbroken stream of sound, often inducing trance-like states and ineluctably holding listeners spellbound." (label info) LIMITED EDITION TO 1000 COPIES ONLY! 180 Grams DOUBLE-VINYL GATEFOLD COVER with GLOSSY CELLO INCL.
in stock | EU| 2017| SOUNDS OF SUBTERRANIA | 32.90

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