"This album was recorded when I was taking DPH regularly. Many tracks were recorded under the influence, and I cannot recall recording almost any part of the album. Many more tracks were recorded under the influence and lost, not saved, or I forgot to hit record. It's safe to say that if I had hit record instead of play this album would be twice as long. After the album was finished and released I was able to quit taking DPH. Whenever I start to want to crave it, I can listen to The Benadryl Album and the feeling comes back loud and clear. If you trip on DPH and listen to this album, a bond will form between the drug and the music. Hearing just the first couple notes of Dropped Pixel should have your skin crawling and your brain tingling. Have fun." (Lucidet) limited edition of 60 copies, with download code and insert. highly recommended
in stock | DE| 2012| ALARM | 7.90

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