"Lugano Fell is the solo project of James Taylor, a founding member of UK tech house duo Swayzak. After 12 years spent perfecting pumping house music, Taylor felt like trying something totally different, quieter, and more detail-focused. From the noisy (i.e. loud) and pulsating soundworld of Swayzak, Taylor has sliced and spliced his way to a noisy (i.e. sound-based) and textural soundworld. The music of Lugano Fell is made of unrelated sounds, found sounds, prepared sounds, even sounds made with actual musical instruments or salvaged from the media. These sounds are arranged into short pieces filled with images and action, but too concise and sharply edited to be described as cinematic. This music draws from sound collage, experimental ambient electronica, noise music, and ready-mades." (label info)
in stock | FR| 2010| BASKARU | 12.90

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