"In 2004 M. Rösner released his album post on UK label 12x50. He has recently remixed the Matinkarri Bridge in Finland for Sonic Artstar¹s Singing Bridges compilation. His sounds works have received airplay and appeared in art installations across the globe. In mid 2005 Brisbane based label room40 will release Alluvial, Rösner¹s most focused work to date. M. Rösner also records and plays live under the Pablo Dali moniker. Pablo Dali retains the acoustic elements but has a more structured rhythmical sound. Pablo Dali has released the single California Grey on Meupe, and appeared on numerous compilations most notably Ai records 2004 station release. In 2004 he supported US artist Greg Davis at Perth¹s Artrage festival." (label info)
in stock | AU| 2005| ROOM40 | 13.55

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