"Pure electric works used by only SYNTHI 100 by a Japanese artist Yoshio Machida and a Belgian artist Constantin Papageorgiadis. So far this monster analog modular synthesizer (over 2 meters) was used with some equipments for historic pieces/albums (Stockhausen, John Mcguire, Eduard Artemiev). But this album is made by only SYNTHI 100, without any effects. In the 70s, Electronic Music Studios Ltd. (EMS) produced 31 and now only 10 were existed in the world. In 2017, it was exhibited at Documenta 14. For this album, the one owned by Gent University in Belgium was used. Machida released "Music from the SYNTHI AKS" (baskaru) in 2014. As the same that album, all tracks were recorded as improvisation without editing in this album. Papageorgiadis is an expert engineer for analog synth, especially for EMS synth. The one of Gent University was rebuilt by him. SYNTHI 100 has so many parameters (12 oscillators, 8 filters, etc.) and the signals can be patched freely on the matrix boards. It has own modules that another synths don't have and the sound can be produced without keyboard. In this album, the function was used, without keyboard. 4 hands controlled and changed parameters in real time. Including a 12 pages booklet with text and pictures." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2017| AMORFON | 13.90

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