"The album is a collection of remixes and original compositions (noted in the subtitle 'Gathered Eccentrics' 2005-2007) that Zuydervelt has put together with obvious care. While Marijn is perhaps a more accessible album (many comparisons with Basinski etc), Bijeen has a full breadth of emotion despite being more of a challenge in some ways. 'The Borghesia Remix', for example, could be seen as a brutal opener. Beginning with a silence that makes you start checking the settings on your amp, it swells into a wall of noise that builds into a threat of collapse before disappearing suddenly, dropping back into silence. But it clears the decks and functions as an ear-cleaning for the subtle, deep textures that follow in 'Piano_wav'. A highlight is 'Weightless Remix', where the acoustic melodies slowly disintegrate into unstructured static. Across the album, the cycles are perfectly paced and surprisingly dynamic - it's the perfect antidote to the relentless beats that implanted themselves in your brain the night before. Bijeen may not be the easiest or most logical point of entry into the Machinefabriek world, but it's an engaging excursion across the beatless borders into noise, drone, static and circuit-breaking electronics." (Janet Leyton-Grant) few copies back in stock
in stock | SE| 2007| KNING DISK | 13.90

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