"Echoes of metal pipes clanging against the floor of an immense underground cistern float up from the depths while a thin strand of white smoke melody uncurls overhead. Maeko begins with tiny particles of light rising against a black crushing hip-hop background until there is enough motion for the sound to evolve into a abstract beat. The mood throughout is meditative and somber, the pace slow and stately. The duo applies electronic treatments subtly, often bathing the cleanly beat in dense ambient layers. Electronics move to the forefront when its organ drone is showered with swirling crackle, muffled percussion accents, and hissing emissions until the album vanishes inside an ambient cloud. The music peak, though. Lullaby waltz of reverberant electric noize." (label info) 11 tracks plus 2 videos, comes in nice DVD digipack.
in stock | FR| 2006| TSUKU BOSHI | 12.90

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