"Magic Carpathians are centered around the duo of Anna Nacher and Marek Styczynski, founding members of the now defuct Polish ethno-folk group Atman. Following the disbanding of Atman, Anna and Marek continue to create forest music, although the Magic Carpathians benefit from an infusion of traditional rock instruments and electronics, and a host of guests. Traces of nytú -- a mythical, archaic technique of vocalization given in the language of Slavonic rituals, nowadays almost completely lost and forgotten -- can be found in the remnants of ancient Carpathian culture and some archaic pagan rituals which have been stored within the folk religious tradition among the Carpathian villagers. The important common tradition of singing across Eurasia makes similar the vocal technique from Mongolia, the Altai region, Central Asia, Ukraine and the Balkan region. Anna has been working on reviving the tradition of nytú through individual research and 'Reclaim the Voice' workshops, run for women exclusively." (label info)
in stock | US| 2000| m-/m-| DRUNKEN FISH | 10.00

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