"Mahmoud Refat is from Egypt, who previously released on Leerraum. He's not a player of traditional instruments, but is a 'normal' (??) artist with sound installations, field recordings - following a career in funk/acid jazz/experimental music. I must say I had no expectations whatsoever. I can't say I'm disappointed. The whole notion that it should be ethnic (inspired) is of course bull shit. It proofs that whatever we call microsound (for the lack of any better term) is much more a global thing that we knew. Refat plays laptop music, using sounds of whatever field nearby or far away, but he adds low humming beats - think Ikeda or Noto but on a much more subdued level - which work well as a creepy undercurrent for the music. The rhythmical notion he puts on makes this perhaps more clicks 'n cuts (for the lack of any better term) than plain microsound, but the addition of field recordings is certainly a refreshing look on the subject matter. Meelkop meets Noto, Chartier meet Pan Sonic - if you catch my fantasy running wild on the subject. For me an entirely new artist, but certainly someone to watch for the future." (FDW)
in stock | US| 2008| STAALPLAAT | 14.90

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