"This LP includes some of the seminal Electronic / Tape Collage pieces by Malcolm Goldstien, created in close connection to the New York pre-Fluxus environment of the early 1960s. Goldstein, first working at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center, then joining the Judson Dance Theater with dancers, musicians, poets, and visual artists all interacting in the common ground of improvisation / exploration. Featuring "Sheep Meadow" (1966), a collage of two musics, folk & court music; "Images of Cheng Hsieh" (1967), for a dance by Carol Marcy at Judson Church, simultaneously with an instrumental ensemble performing from the calligraphic graphic score. "It seemed to me" (1963) was composed for a dance by Arlene Rothlein, a collage of traditional musics chosen by her to be incorporated with electronic sounds. "Judson #6 Piece" (1963) was for Ruth Emerson, using only electronic sounds. "Illuminations from Fantastic Gardens" (1964), the only composition for a vocal ensemble on this recording, was composed for Elaine Summers' "An Evening of Fantastic Gardens", a multi-media event of dance, music, film and visual projections, as part of the Judson Dance Theater concerts. Edition limited to 350 copies, also including a 12 page large booklet with the reproduction of the complete "Illuminations from Fantastic Gardens" graphic score." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | IT| 2008| ALGA MARGHEN | 18.90

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