"MAPA is a project of Paul Wirkus and Marcin Dymiter. Nineteen years after the release of their legendary album "Fudo", MAPA strikes back with some fresh stuff combining punk, jazz, electro-acoustic music and elements of instrumental hip hop. In 2017 MAPA reduces the avant-garde jazz and punk to pure energy. The new material is characterised by simplicity and a mixture of slightly perceptible sense of humour and musical eloquence. This minimalistic set-up consisting of a few selected synthesizers allows for a complete portrayal of both musicians' personalities. They perform vital, full of unexpected twists pieces based on simple riffs, always open to interpretation. Economical use of sounds in punk rock, raw minimalism of the street sounds and flexible riffs constitute the formula of the material of Mapa's album "No Automatu"." (label info)
in stock | PL| 2017| GUSTAFF | 7.90

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