"There's something very special about the way Marc Hannaford plays piano. It's not just his striking percussive style. It's the way Hannaford plays every key with great confidence, knowing full well that each note has a place and a purpose on his debut album The Garden of Forking Paths. Of course, there is also something very special about his fellow musicians on The Garden of Forking Paths. Scott Tinkler (trumpet), Ken Edie (drums) and Philip Rex (double bass) are all superb improvisers and you couldn't want for better support than them. Each musician is the best in Australia on their respective instrument. The remarkable aspect of The Garden of Forking Paths is that Marc plays in total unison with the other musicians. He has the maturity to realize that working to achieve a united voice will have a far greater power than heavy handed brinkmanship. The Garden of Forking Paths also allows Marc to showcase his wonderful ability as a solo piano player. 'I'll Go Down.' explains without words just how his unique playing style can work as well on its own as it does in the group context. The dazzling counterpoint is seemingly played by two pianists on the one piano." (label info)
in stock | AU| 2007| EXTREME | 7.90

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