"Powdered Iron Rods, is Marc McNulty's 2nd release, but the first one, he uses his real name. Having used the name 'Photophobia', his first CD, called 'Cathepsin' was released on 'Isomorphic' in the USA about two years ago. Reviewers described it as an "excellent dark ambient / isolationist work". Marc McNulty's connections between his sound-art and his visual art are very close, what can easily be heard on all five pieces of "Powdered Iron Rods". McNulty, who has worked nearly two years on his new release, describes these new pieces as electro / acoustic soundscapes created with elements from our pre-atomic days. There are no samplers or computers used for these recordings. The only soundsources are: communication receivers, selfbuild devices, filters, and instruments. While his paintings have recently shown in New York's AEON-gallery, along with the works of Anselm Kiefer, Susan Rothenberg and Antoni Tapis, his sound-works still wait to be discovered by a larger audience. Compared to his first release, the new pieces are not that extended and droney, but far more subtle and personal, what results in an intense listening experience of McNulty's compositions. (labelinfo)
in stock | DE| 1998| m-/m-| PLATE LUNCH | 10.00

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