"I am not a scientist, I am a dreamer. So one morning I awoke and got a field recording from a trip to dwarfs capital on tape. recorded 24.09.2005, in Froent Tor, DC." (M.Obst) "Marcus Obst is a German sound artists, field recording manipulator and often playful sonic arranger who is been active since 1997. "day in dwarfs capital" is his forth solo release, through he released twenty three releases under his most know project Dronament- he is also involved in the following projects Oscillator, D.Rhythm:O & Marcus Murkes. Though only recently released the single fifty three minute track on offer here dates back to 2005. The pieces title is extremely apt as its built from tiny and often speeding field recording elements that Mr Obst uses to creating this wonderful alien, tiny and often playful piece of sound art, which gives one the feeling of visiting an active and busy dwarf city." (Musique Machine) limited edition of 50 copies.
in stock | DE| 2010| GRUENREKORDER | 11.90

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