"Wabi Sabi is a staggering sounding, beautifully packaged and simply significant contemporary electronic album by Marcus Schmickler out of the thriving German underground music scene. Schmickler has one release under his own name on the Odd Size label in France, and was a contributing member of POL and Kontakta on the same label. Most recently he released the exceptional Pluramon Pick Up Canyon album on the Mille Plateaux label (which featured the guest drumming of Jaki Liebezeit). This CD consists of two pieces: "Wabi Sabi" -- a devastating 33 minute 2-channel spatial composition that mixes gorgeous flowing electronics ala Francois Bayle with moments radio-static density and transcending sound waves. "Param" is a shorter work of 2-channel, powerfully droning electronics. "The pair of terms wabi and sabi are expressions of an attitude towards life that draw the power of artistic creation from silence and decay." (label info)
in stock | DE| 1996| A-MUSIK | 12.90

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