"In the wake of a profound loss, Marie Klock, a neo-chanson singer and multi-instrumentalist from Paris, presents a poignant tribute with her debut on Pingipung. On "Damien est vivant" Marie Klock pays homage to the poet Damien Schultz, who has recently passed. They were intertwined both in artistic collaboration and deep friendship. Marie Klock creates a powerful ode to Damien Schultz's surreal, anarchic, witty and at times provocatively obscene French (English translations are included in the vinyl release). The poet's own voice resounds alongside Klock's, oscillating between spoken word and neo-folk vocals. Recorded in an intimate lo-fi setting with co- producer Julien Louvet, the 10 songs are far from a mournful requiem. They showcase idiosyncratic pop music brimming with humour and absurdity. "Damien est vivant" is a celebration of the unique bond they shared, in past and present. The melancholy sometimes takes on an almost whimsical quality, an allusion to the world as perceived through the lens of two kindred spirits. Marie Klock has appeared as keyboardist on international stages with Sofia Portanet and collaborated with artists such as Jean-Louis Costes, Chilly Gonzales, Charlotte Brandi and Adrienne Pauly. Her self-titled solo LP (2020, Les Disques De La Face Cachée) was a cheeky outing of her synth-chanson act. She is currently working on a duo album with Anadol, to be released on Pingipung in autumn 2024." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2024| PINGIPUNG | 28.90

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