"In the summer of 2009, preeminent ambient guitarist Mark McGuire recorded with Cleveland mainstay jazz and rock drummer Nate Scheible. Mark's key compositions have been either solo guitar or collaboration with keyboardists, including Emeralds, Inner Tube (with Skaters' Charles Berlitz) and Skyramps (with Oneohtrix Point Never), so this presents one of the few recordings of Mark collaborating with a drummer and was captured pristinely in studio at Cleveland's own Zombie Proof. Recorded shortly before Mark's classic Living With Yourself solo album, these recordings capture Mark in all his pre-"South Beach" optimism and boundless exploration of sound, while he and Nate playfully and joyously rip through a variety of styles and zones "super slowed down ambient seagull jamz, super rhythmic almost rock jamz, overloaded free jazz style blasters, tonz o' fun!" Mastered by James Plotkin for a one time pressing of 500 vinyl LPs." (label info)
in stock | US| 2012| MUSIC FELLOWSHIP | 17.90

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