"Yorkshire England based Mark Swift is one of three new artists to be discovered by Mr. Aaron Funk a.k.a Venetian Snares for Sublight along with newcomer Gareth Clarke and Wisp. Mark's "Ave Mavis" album is 11 tracks of cascading rhythms against a genuinely beatific pulse of soundscapes, recalling IDM at its brightest, Mark's music is pleasantly nostalgic with an added originality we think will suprise you. Mark describes his sound as "not dissimilar to what "The Last Of The Summer Wine" theme tune might have sounded like if Cleggy and Foggy had habitually pushed Compo down the hill on a rusty Ensoniq SQ1 8-track Workstation rather than on a disused settee". (label info)
in stock | CA| 2006| m-/m-| SUBLIGHT | 4.87

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