"America is a great country when one realizes its roadside stops offer artistic haven for all brands of perverts, bloodletters and musical cut-ups. More than mere concréte audio-collage, 'Batstew' is both a respite from and an antidote for the sottish Reykjavik-borne revues polluting our national collegiate airwaves, and when the rare song-icons of folk-rock rise up from the maelstrom, one wants to offer both a firm handshake and a slingshot to the eye." This is TUCKER's first lp, the second being in the sack, a rec which goosed JIM O'ROURKE into gasping, "that's the greatest record ever made"! 'Batstew' was pressed twice, with a stop at the mental institution inbetween. Sweet, innocent and totally wrecked DIY vibes, evoking the desperate bicylcles, department store santas, et al." (label info) Originally released in 1975
in stock | JP| 2005| m-/m-| DESTIJL | 15.00

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