"It was early 2013 when inner landscapes finally got audible. Martin van Rossum aka Martin Nonstatic moved to Cologne while Jens from Essen sent a pleasant release offer. Several EPs, remix and packaging projects got finished and the favorite synthesizer was back on duty again, leading to the first track "Inner Landscapes" which in turn also provided the album's title. Martin took 14 months scrutinizing his workflow involving both software and hardware to invent fresh track concepts for his album. Constantly inspired by the Rhenish environment with all of its movements and encounters the album concentrated on those "inner landscapes". Playful and liberated he combined field recordings with soundscapes, voices and nature sounds into deep sequence paths. Embedded between its otherworldly opening and a dreamy outro are 11 aural landscapes forming a 74 minute tour-de-force, and after its long production phase the emotional waveforms and clear ideas of Martin Nonstatic's "Inner Landscapes" have finally found their place and are ready to be heard on the outside." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2014| BINEMUSIC | 13.90

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