"For the ONE-7inch series this exceptional saxophonist has allowed the slide-sax to lead a life of its own. This unusual instrument works in a similar way to a slide whistle and is something of a curiosity in the world or saxophones. The slide-saxophone was invented in the early twentieth century and was only ever produced by a few manufacturers, notably Swanee and Reiffel & Husted." (label info) "The instrument heard in this piece is a godji or godje: a monocord violin made of a calabash covered with the skin of a large lizard and fitted with a wood neck and a string made of horsehair. Anthropologist Paul Stoller explains that "the godji's sound links the Songhay present and past". A film by Jean Rouch shows the instrument played to call forth the spirits who will bring rain. Under the sky of the Netherlands I use to play the godje and it brings rain indeed. It also links me to the musicians present and past who favor the ancient sound of the violin before it was changed into a Western instrument. It connects me with the origins of music and rhapsody. Is it because of the round calabash and the horsehair reminding me of a skull? I named the piece "Among The Skulls" reminiscing of a chapter in The Palm Wine Drinkard by Nigerian writer Amos Tutuola, when the hero is imprisoned by a group of living skulls in a cave." (P. Bastien)
in stock | DE| 2010| EMPHASE | 8.68

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