"During winter, it's cold in the Webster Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan, USA. Matthew De Gennaro lives there in an old one room schoolhouse built in 1850. Usually, he is busy chopping wood to feed his wood stove. Matthew De Gennaro also records his music in this old schoolhouse - on analogue equipment, including a ½" tape recorder. He plays instruments like bagpipes, fiddles, pump organs, acoustic guitars and long string wires. The music of Matthew De Gennaro can be described as abstract folk. It has harmonies that remind of traditional folk music - but it sounds as if this "folk music" is lost somewhere in the fog, running around in the woods of the mid-western american landscape. The "folk" is hidden somewhere in the drones and noises that come with it. And the listener has yet to find it - to be rewarded with a music of sheer beauty. Matthew De Gennaro has released several CDs of his collaborations with Alastair Galbraith as well as solo works. He has also released a handful of CD-Rs in very limited quantities. "Adversaria" is his first release on vinyl. It is a limited and numbered edition of 350 copies. The original tapes were carefully mastered by Marcus Schmickler. The LP comes with a booklet including texts by the California artist & poet Scott MacLeod and photos by Matthew De Gennaro. The front cover shows a reproduction of a photograph by german artist Martin Lilkendey." (label info) Recommended.
in stock | DE| 2011| TU-134 | 16.90

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