"MENTAL SCARS just digs in deeper, using the same ingredients as the previous release, RETREAT: unconventional grooves in strange atmospheres, special sampling, distorted voices over 'scratchy' text, weird acoustic and electronic mixtures and interludes with unusual effects. producing - hopefully - a 'rough original poetry', again in open song form (liberation, cows, help, scaling, three dead mice, the windigo.) and again with Todd Hopkins inspiring text and Andrej Zbihlyjs great art work. Two significant events gave Mental Scars its specific colour: a serious car accident and the passing away of my grandfather and composer Hermann Meier. Songs like too late or black hole are a (mental) attempt to compensate for the missing 15 minutes of blackout after the shock of the accident.the hidden face/wesak and samsara are more serene philosophical consequences. As for my grandfather, a radical serial composer (among other things) who had also been one of the forerunners in electronic music in Switzerland, he was a remarkable presence in my life. Stinkfaul is dedicated to him and his strong radical visions and commentaries about philosophy and music that still influence me now." (Matthias von Imhoff)
in stock | CA| 2004| SPOOL | 9.90

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