"Born in 1978, Matthieu Saladin graduated in philosophy, music and visual arts. He is currently a PhD student in musical aesthetics at Sorbonne University of Paris. His research is about contemporary free improvisation. He published several articles on this subject and was a speaker at several international conferences. As musician, he plays bass clarinet, soprano saxophone and electronics. He is also a member of the electroacoustic band Archipel together with Vania de Bie-Vernet and Stéphane Vigny since 2000 and belongs to the " Plateformes " trio together with Hervé Boghossian and Stéphane Rives since the autumn of 2004. With those two he runs a concert series Audiofocus." (label info) Matthieu Saladin: bass clarinet (1-2, 6-9) or soprano saxophone (3-5) improvisations processed by computer, september 2004- january 2005. limited edition of 150 copies.
in stock | SL| 2006| L'INNOMABLE | 4.90

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