"The new album "High In The Lowlands" is an intimate collaboration with longtime friend Mattias Areskog. Only the two of them stuck in a cabin for just a week "High in the Lowlands" is the beautiful result of yet another Hellberg masterpiece. Throughout his work Mattias Hellbergs sad souled songs of Scandinavian heartbreak, be it with Hedros & Hellberg, Healing Hand, The White Moose he always did have a somewhat rootsy approach to the ancient troubadour tradition whose linage Hellbergs music clearly represents." (label info) "High in the Lowlands" is a sinister set of songs tainted in the darker shades of blue since psychedelic junkies like David Crosby, Skip Spence and British acid casualties like Syd Barret & that bunch. The mellow melancholy of Hellbergs music carries an ethereal echo vergin on the nostalgics of Sweden's woodland folk songs." (Kenny Hakansson)
in stock | SE| 2012| KNING DISK | 14.90

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