""The future is female", announces the well-known homosexual ironist Max Goldt here (on Ladies Ladies) speaking in 1983, long before getting married to a woman and thereby exhibiting a confounding yet admirable internal consistency. This finely-tuned sense of amibiguity will be familiar to those who have followed Goldt's work as a musician and then an author since the late 70s. Here on this record his lyrics and vocals are filleted from the historical timeline for a reconstitution involving the various talents of Mr Kubin and Mr. Boombastik. Mark Boombastik is a musician, singer, DJ and human beatboxer par excellence - giving the frogs something to hop to here on Fog Frog. Felix Kubin is he wicked svengali whose tendrils traverse time and space to tickle this record into existence, because Side B's Ladies Ladies, as previously mentioned, is actually a post-feminist pre-ejaculation from way back when, here recently gently re-agitated in the Kubin studio. The 2003 "too-Neubauten" mix (involving electric heater percussion) of Fog Frog has been updated to a more judiciously organized final version, whilst still retaining the original tipsy-sounding recording of the famously discerning Mr Goldt in his hotel room." (Pete Um)
in stock | NL| 2011| MEEUW MUZAK | 7.90

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