"A heavy mist rolls over the empty moors and dark forests as night falls. Soon all the regular night noises have been drowned out and you realize you are entering a sound cloud. As it passes over you the sonic textures layer, blend and fall away; constantly changing, constantly moving. Almost classical in its composition the opening of the piece recalls ambient music pioneers and early electronics addicts like Morton Subotnick, Richard Pinhas and Edgar Froese. A slow building of subtle rhythmic lines comes in like Harry Partch playing knock off Steve Reich drumming patterns on his Cloud Chamber Bowls. As this pulsation becomes evermore present we get drawn closer to the center of the mist, eventually blurring into a rising sonic tension that lifts you up and drops you right into the heart of the sound. A growling pulse that lures you in deeper in until someone turns on a buzzing light, and then another, and another, on and on until the room is so bright and full of sound that your mind starts to make music out of the madness. And once you finally understand, the music starts to fade and fumble, slowing down to nothing, as the sound cloud moves along with the wind. It is no surprise that the man behind the curtain of this ambient electronic music odyssey is Max Loderbauer. Since the late eighties this German stalwart has been producing, composing and performing cutting edge electronic sound. In the early nineties he helped define the "idm" movement as one half of Sun Electric. Max is currently forging new ground for minimal techno as a member of the Moritz Von Oswald Trio and has teamed up with minimal house super-genius Ricardo Villalobos." (label info) one-sided 180gram vinyl, in printed innersleeve and silkscreened cover. numbered edition of 300 copies, comes with download card
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in stock | CH| 2013| SVAKT | 19.90

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