"The EARLY REFLECTIONS ep is the first of a trilogy due to be released over the course of this year and features a blend of new tracks produced in March 2008, ranging from bon-tempi folklore to socialist soca, forth to esoteric reggeaton and yonder to natural rave! The production entails a very percussive use of 808/909 drum machine beats, sine waves, undisguised basic midi instruments and other well cheesy sounds sometimes clad in delays, all of which generate a plastic as well as a wood-like sound scenery. The lyrical front is stacked with nuances, trap doors and escalators into a mystical maelstrom of considerations of 21st century simian existence and other tributaries of the far-out everyday. The delivery is on a one-note chant tip reminiscent of a mantra and occasionally shifting to simple melodies but always backed by a sturdy rhythm." (label info) Purple vinyl, limited to 300 copies.
in stock | DE| METABOOTY | 5.50

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