repressed "On her 6th album, the French electroacoustic composer BERANGERE MAXIMIN explores the idea of a kaleidoscopic world - a sonic aggregation of living creatures, plants, minerals, nature and buildings, using various sound objects, small percussions, synths, electric guitar, voice and electronics. Working out of her private studio since 2008, BeRANGeRE MAXIMIN has developed her own approach to sound art and electronic music, composing dense, immersive pieces with immediate impact. On five albums - released to critical acclaim on TZADIK, SUB ROSA, CRAMMED DISCS and CRAIG LEON's ATLAS REALISATIONS label - she has revealed a taste for mixing disparate sounds together with a sense of detail, effusive, lyrical playings with the digital material and tight nuanced writing." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2020| KARLRECORDS | 26.90

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