"Medves is Andrea Belfi, Giuseppe Ielasi, Stefano Pilia, Renato Rinaldi and Riccardo Wanke. Guitars, double bass, tapeloops, drums and percussion recorded in a week long summer session, 2003. Andrea Belfi is the drummer of Rosolina Mar and has released a cd on the S'Agita label. Giuseppe Ielasi, half of Oreledigneur, has releases on Sedimental, Erstwhile, Fusetron, Fringes, Sonoris and others. Stefano Pilia, from 3/4HadBeenEliminated, also has a beautiful solo cd out on Last Visible Dog. Renato Rinaldi is the other half of Oreledigneur, has releases on Fringes, Fusetron, Public Eyesore and is currently preparing his first solo cd. Riccardo Wanke is a classically trained piano player, here on guitar, and this is his recording debut. This is Medves first public appereance, 30 minutes of modern and melancholic all-analog psychedelia, and the first in a series of LPs to be released later this year. 180gram vinyl, full color cover and insert. Numbered edition of 300 copies." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2004| FRINGES | 15.90

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