"Weird sound-collages and fucked up noise-samples from Melted Men. There are 8 tracks of chaotic mayhem, frantic grooves and, of course, noise. With a group of music-destroyers and crazyheads such as Melted Men, there is always some new and strange idea creeping up. Fucked up, mutant lo-fi electronica meets free-noise in lumbering, undeniably funky jams, cobbled together from handmade instruments, drugged vocals, looped records and primitive hip hop beats. Super catchy and fun, at times channeling a retarded Afrikka Bambataa/Residents jam, chopping up vinyl in a plunderphonic orgy. Imagine Caligula dancing to a Seventies-DJ, high on LSD, caught in a time-loop. It's sweet stuff. The vinyl is in a full color sleeve. Throw this one on at your next hash party." (Monochrom)
in stock | NL| 2004| DEAD MIND RECORDS | 6.00

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