"God knows this world makes people do funny things. Some run away with the circus, some play electro in 2002, some even wear leather pants. But others have a more levelheaded response to life on this ridiculous planet, such as the Athens, Georgia artist who leads a like-minded group of freaks through admirably unhinged live shows, where bizarre acts of senseless depravity can occur. Inasmuch as its possible, FANGS ALOT is as fucked-up and hilarious as a Melted Men show. The music is a collection of jaunty rhythms, lowbrow samples, twisted humor and unbridled noise, all cut and spliced together with an exactitude that is frightening in such potential sociopaths. Many moments, such as the shuffling, primal beat of "Unga", are downright addictive. The record is a hallucinogenic masterpiece- easily the most epic and cleverly crafted of the groups earlier recordings. Its about as comfortable as uncomfortable music can be. From the acid-lounge soul of "Butter Roll", to the brass drones of "Smoke and Mirrors", and the insane Gong Show stylings of "Ingrowed Toenail", FANGS ALOT is a wonder of musical engineering. What lyrics there are lean toward the gleefully idiotic end of the spectrum, and sometimes become funny only after they've been repeated several times. Other inexplicably gut-busting lines appear on songs such as "Butter Roll" and "Fried Shrimp", though its the sharply looped belching and gargling sounds that will stick with you even longer." (label info)
in stock | US| 2001| NERVE RUST RECORDS | 13.90

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